Palmbridge Business Growth is a Gold Coast-based Business Consulting company specializing in working with business owners to help them increase their profitability and growth by integrating a High-Performance Mindset.


We see that many of our clients are extremely good at what they do, but they often lack the time or expertise to focus on some aspects of running their businesses. These elements are often the ones that can make a huge difference to the bottom line, for example: not having Strategic Planning, not tapping into the power of a High-Performance Mindset, not having access to key financial and management reports, etc. 


That is why our mission is to help business owners to achieve the financial freedom and lifestyle that motivated them to get into business in the first place, by assisting in several key specialist areas. The Balance between Business Strategies and High-Performance Mindset is the key to reaching targets, objectives, and goals.


“We work with business owners to move them from being a successful technician in their businesses to having a successful business”.

About us



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Ricardo Feres has been involved in various roles in Multinational Companies in Brazil, US, and Australia for the last 8 years. Ricardo has successfully operated and worked in many industries which has given him an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for Business Owners who are striving for the next level of success. 

Ricardo brings a diversity of experience and understands what it is like to want to build a better future and security for the Business Owner and their family. He can tap into the potential of a Business to enable growth and better profitability by integrating business strategies and High-Performance Mindset and Methods to ensure ongoing success in the future.

Ricardo´s formal education includes a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and has completed complementary courses in Business Management, Corporate Finance, Marketing and Communication, and Leadership and Management. Ricardo lives with his wife and his daughter on the Gold Coast, Australia.  He enjoys surfing and running.

Ricardo believes…

"Once I understood the power and importance of a High-Performance Mindset and Self-Development, I started seeing incredible personal and professional results in my life and my client's lives."


 “Being in business should enable you to achieve the lifestyle you and your family deserve and having some fun on the way isn’t a bad thing either.”